Additional Living Expense

Additional Living Expense/Loss Of Use

One of the most common problems our clients face is where are they going to live immediately following the fire. Our office will work to secure a local hotel reservation that suits your needs (pets, handicapped accessible, children etc...) It our goal to make your temporary stay as convenient as possible. We recommend and look for hotels with extended stay capabilities (kitchenettes, laundry facilities) if they are in the available in the area. Perhaps you would feel more comfortable staying with family or friends--this is fine, but they can also be compensated for permitting you to stay with them. Whatever you decide, we urge our clients to save all of their receipts for food, lodging, clothing, gas etc.
As the insured, you are entitled reimbursement for any added expense out of the ordinary. We will work to secure an immediate advance against the CONTENTS portion of your claim so you can buy the necessities and try and live a normal life until the claim is settled and repairs are done. We work with several relocation services which try and find available homes in your area to be rented during the duration of your claim. We generally have several options for you to look at and let you make the final decision where you feel most comfortable.