Dwelling & Building

When dealing with the insurance company, it is of the utmost importance to be prepared. Having a contractor experienced in fire/flood restoration is essential in preparing an estimate that will dramatically increase the scope of work and dollar settlement for your claim. We only use builders who use industry specific estimating software that will compete with the insurance company's preferred builder. We believe it is to our client's advantage to have a contractor prepare his estimate before the initial walk-thru meeting with the insurance company and his contractor. We know in advance what the points of contention will be and where we can make the most financial difference. We will go over the scope with you in advance and show a detailed account of a room by room estimate--showing a breakdown of materials and costs (i.e. framing, electrical, plumbing, roofing, drywall, paint, etc..) This is why you need to hire The Clear Choice.

The dollar amount differences in "clean and paint" to "repair and replace" are extraordinary. We always fight to make your damaged home look and feel new as possible. There should never be any remnants of the damage in look, feel or smell. The insurance company contractor will try to repair the damage as cheap as possible. This is the reason they are "preferred" by the insurance company. They will leave items out, look to clean instead of replace and underprice materials throughout.

After the meeting, each side will submit their estimates to each other for review. We create a list of items they have invariably missed as well as the difference in pricing and fight to get this difference. Once the dollar amount is settled, repairs on the home can begin.
You may hire whomever you wise to do the repairs, but we strongly suggest using a contractor with fire restoration experience and having the peace of mind the work will be done efficiently and properly. If you choose not to hire one of our recommended contractors, we will gladly work with your contractor and help them in anyway we can to maximize your settlement and expedite the repair of your home