Personal Property/contents

Where our company shines and others fade away is our attention to detail when it comes to performing the TOTAL LOSS INVENTORY. Your insurance company may fail to inform you it is your responsibility to submit a list of damaged or destroyed items to them. They would gladly let you hire their preferred restoration company to handle this for you, where they can control what is a "total loss" and how much it is worth.

  • We personally perform each and every inventory ourselves and do not sub contract it out to a contents restoration company like most of our competitors and the insurance companies do.

  • We document and record with cameras every item that is entered into your inventory list. It is extremely overwhelming and emotional to look at a house full of memories burned to the ground. It is impossible to remember every little thing that may have burned. We take the time and energy and try to re-create with you each room. Detailing what furniture went where, what was in each drawer on each shelf and gain an understanding of the amounts and value of every item. Everything has value and it is owed to you if it is damaged.

  • We then price and age each item and submit it on a proper form designed specifically for your insurance company. At the end of the process, you, the client can go through each page and make any changes you see fit before it goes to the insurance company.

The biggest area of confusion we run into are homeowner's who have suffered a fire and think all of their personal belongings are covered because they have a "replacement" policy. In most cases, what this means is they, the insurance company, will only give you what they consider is the ACV--"actual cash value" of each item--which is the replacement cost minus the depreciated value. This is the biggest point of contention. We fight to maximize this number while the insurance company will try and give you pennies on the dollar. You can chose to "cash out" and not re-purchase all of your destroyed items, but the only way to get the "difference" is to purchase the same/similar item and produce a receipt. This is where having a public adjuster representing you is crucial.